Why Thirst Project exist in Indonesia?

The purpose / vision
Connect and educate young people around the world to raise awareness and get to know about Water Issue in order to create friendly impact to our nature and environment. Our mission is to give free access of environmental education through online e-book, webinar, offline roadshow, workshop. Build Well, and gather people to join our unique program to create good habit

What make us different?

Thirst Project is World’s largest youth water organization. The operation in US is within High School and University. In Indonesia, we create impact more than raise awareness, donate to world water issue but to educate young people to save our water means a lot for the future of our earth

Why you should trust us?

Thirst Project (www.thirstproject.org) is world acknowledge Non-profit organization based in US from 2008 and create lot of impact around the world specifically in 13 countries.

In Indonesia, we are an ENGO (Environmental NGO) held a meeting in July, and got license from Thirst Project US, our next commitment is to create a foundation to get legal license as foundation in Indonesia View License

What is our communication language and sign?

We use Indonesia and English language as our daily communication. Our Identity is contains these hashtag : Branding Guidelines

  • Thirstan         : Mascot, Admin

  • #Thirst4___   : For purpose (4support/4you/4jakarta)

  • Sobat Thirst   : To answer a question in a friendly way

  • Aliran Air / Wathor

What is inside our community and eligibility?

We connects and deliver things to young people all age and welcome every gender in different location include outside Indonesia from different background and educational level to share and gain, create impact together (for board of directors, of course experience is needed) the motivation to join is create impact trough online and offline, time dedication to be productive, want to know about earth and environment also built a healthy connection

Where to find Thirst Project Indonesia?

Google SEO, Instagram, Facebook Ads, our official website www.thirstprojectindonesia.org 

Instagram, Mailchimp, IndoRelawan, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Slack, Shopee, School Program WhatsApp

How Thirst Project Indonesia create Impact less than a year in pandemic?

January, 2020

Thirst Project Jakarta was made from an Initiative of a 16th years old girl in her High School based on her interest in International Relations, and her experience as a volunteer also lead many organization before (the passion) and to make her dream to have a foundation come true

March, 2020 Open recruitment for Phase I volunteer through IndoRelawan especially research because we have a collaboration with Teruntuk Project, Senyatanya, Ruang Ngemil to give a donation in Ramadan also Build a Well by Senyatanya

April – May, 2020 Stronger the basic of Thirst Project Jakarta to Thirst Project Indonesia from a few meeting and consideration

June – July, 2020 Held a big event called #HolidayBeReady to raise awareness of our existence and gain 200k+ brand awareness include followers, subcribers (the uniqueness we never mention to subcribes but they subcribes, much appreciate)

August, 2020 Chosen to participate in A Better World Prize by Campaign View Info , and now have collaboration with many NGO, Event, etc. We have 3k+ subcibers, 10k+ followers, 70+ LinkedIn followers, 600+ volunteer in IndoRelawan

September, 2020 A Better World Prize Festival


How to contribute in Thirst Project Indonesia?

Our structure of organization is Hierarchy:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) : Arfiana Maulina Fatimah

Chief Operation Officer (COO) : Siti Iqlima Istiqomah

Executive Secretary : Nursyaufi Azzahra

Human Resource Development : Denok Anindya, Alexandra Yudith


Director & Staff of :

Program : Agung Faris Anugrah, Asyrafy Azzuhdi

Communication : Yesica Agustina Susanti, Agape Sihotang 

Content : Winny Dea Monica

Research : Ahya Ramdha, Dian Ayu Destiani

Fundraising : Yovitha Manuella

The recruitment process :

  1. Apply from IndoRelawan View Link

Require : CV, Experience, Basic Knowledge of position

  1. Call for Interview

  2. Final Decision with Letter of Acceptance

WhatsApp group link

  1. 6Mos-1Yr duration of activity/volunteer

This work hours can help you to apply university outside Indonesia in interview session but you must know that they want to hear ‘what you got’ not only certificate as a proof that we will give it to you with the list of score:

+ Active: in WhatsApp group

+ Contribution: Finished the task

+ Meeting time: Active join meeting

+ Concern : Responsible and Responsive

If you need break (we called it BLUE), contact your Director

  1. Fall terms we will open for volunteer/ambassadors/staff

  2. Project volunteer is when we need in a few duration

Roles, Requirement, and Benefit 


+ Lead the meeting

+ Evaluate the progress

+ Experience in the field


+ Responsible

Time commitment

7-8 hours/week

+ Certificate

+ More work hours

+ Letter of Recommendation

+ Reward/fees in the end of the term (if we receive fund)


+ Attend meeting

+ Finish the task

+ Experience in the field





Time commitment

5 hours/week



+ Certificate

+ Work hours

+ Letter of Recommendation

+ Free Online Merch



+ Peer-educator

+Share event

+Free to Participate

+ Have many connection

+ Environmentalist/



Time commitment

3 hours/week



+ Certificate

+ Work hours

+ Letter of Recommendation

+ Free pass to our event


Everyone who wants to share and gain networks!

Project/ Event Volunteer

A few volunteer in a specific project with 2-6 hours only 1 or 2 day offline or online


In benefit of certificate, and sponsored merch if any

EXTRAordinary to EXTRAvaganza program

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How to join?

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