January, 2020. A girl, a 16 yo high school student, a volunteer who active both in or outside school dreaming of own a Foundation and interested in International Relations.

One day she joined a Model United Nations and she searching for opportunities. She found a NGO from US and interested in it. 

With experience and skills, by her initiative. She opened a NGO in Indonesia named Thirst Project Jakarta.

Lot of volunteer apply, in 8 Months (5 Mos of operations) . WE change our name from Jakarta to Indonesia, start funding, sell merch, open website, appear on the news, and join A Better World Prize by Campaign.com.

We keep building our community, expand, and keep giving impact especially in SDGs 6 and 4.

Arfiana Maulina 

EXTRAordinary to EXTRAvaganza program

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